Faggots in the rain!

Many thanks to Jim White (White Wood Management) and the amazing Woodland Trust volunteers for a fun and productive day at Halls Cleave, building bridges (literally not in some silly metaphorical sense) and making faggots.

In particular, Gill Macphail and Sue Arnold (the Faggot ladies of South Devon) who produced multiple sturdy faggots despite the inclement weather and more than one tumble into the soggy ditch.

The faggots in question were made by squeezing bundles of brash and coppice material (twigs, basically) together using the ingenious faggot engine (my own term) and then securing with twine as per Jim’s instructions!

They are destined to be secured to the stream bank in Halls Cleave to reduce erosion caused by flash flooding that the area is prone to in winter months.

Finished faggots ready for action. Looking forward to the next session!


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