“Times they are a changing! and we are moving”

After several fantastic years of delivering courses and making creations in Devon we are moving.
Little Acorn Furniture is taking a break from the rolling fields and wooded hills of Mid Devon . We will be re-emerging in a year or so in a very different setting, the island of Orkney is to become our new home.
We fully intend to honour all existing bookings but are unable to take new orders for courses or equipment. You can as ever get in touch to talk about all things Green Wood and conservation and feel free to ask how I intend to cope with the treeless landscape of the islands.

Welcome to Little Acorn Furniture, here you will be able to browse and book a green wood course, contact me to commission something for your home or garden.

  • Commissions
    Whether it is a piece of furniture to celebrate a special occassion such as a Christening, Wedding, Anniversary or 1st Christmas - or a one off piece for your home or garden, we can design and make your bespoke furniture in a choice of woods and finishes.
  • Courses
    Little Acorn Furniture offers courses in Green Woodworking and rustic furniture making ranging from one to five days in duration. No experience is needed and families are welcome so come along and learn some new skills whilst having a great time.

The process of working with the wood whilst green is both accessible to all and fantastically rewarding, producing unique furniture with distinctive character and charm. The nature of the tree itself and even the conditions in which it grew are both allowed and encouraged to influence the final design.

All of the courses take place in my fully equipped Green Wood  workshop situated in Clifford Barton with direct access to the stunning Fingle Wood.

I also have a workshop at my home in Exminster which allows me to  work on furniture production and commissions. No prior experience is necessary for any of my courses although I do recommend at least one other course be completed before embarking on the chair making course.

The ultimate aim for all of the courses is for you to have fun, enjoy the outdoor experience and quite literally take something away with you that you can treasure forever. Suitable for families, groups and individuals alike they can form all or part of your Devon Holiday. Run in a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere each course will be tailored to suit the needs of you and your family or group.

You are guaranteed to come away enthused and inspired by the experience of working with local greenwood to make your own piece of furniture.

Everything you will see starts with a living tree in one of our local South Devon woodlands. Trees are selected on the basis of improving the habitat value and long term health of the woodland. Once selected, the timber is always worked green (freshly cut) by hand. Only once the components have been allowed to season or dry sufficiently is the final stage of ‘joining’ them together into the finished piece carried out.

Please get in touch with any questions or queries that you may have and book an enjoyable rewarding experience.