The peg man

A few days ago I was chatting with a fellow wood worker who it turned out was looking for someone to make the oak pegs needed for a timber framing project. After a quick look at an example,  I made a couple of dozen which he seemed very pleased with, and a larger order soon followed. Later that week I was working with a colleague milling oak for a client who was embarking on his own DIY timber frame. When I arrived on site I was greeted with an enthusiastic “Ah you must be the peg man”. I agreed that I was quite possibly a man who could make framing pegs and after a quick discussion another order quickly followed.


This is a lovely example of just how nice it is to make things for people, be it pegs, chairs or a rolling pin. Although in the past I had only ever made a handful of these pegs for my own use, this encounter reminded me that the ability to make just what is needed to the exact specifications is easily taken for granted. I am very proud to be the peg man and although it is repetitive work it is something I will never grow weary of. It is, both satisfying and useful- what more could you ask for in your work? I look forward to making many, many more pegs and friends who need them.


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